The Decline in Road culture
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In The Sink Messer has fun with the constantly evolving culture of the roadway. Modern driving is a far cry from the world of rules and regulations taught to new drivers as they qualify for their licence, and the gap between formal rules and the conduct of everyday drivers is, by most accounts, widening. Anyone who wants to stick by the rules in today’s traffic is likely to be in constant trouble.

This brilliantly-written book makes a fascinating read for the traffic safety community...Messer has a deep knowledge of driving. He worked as an instructor for several years with one of North America’s top driving schools.

What makes the book especially interesting is its insights into typical driving mindsets, and the fact that it deals with an aspect of driving that is a massive problem - and challenge - for the traffic safety, traffic engineering, and law enforcement communities. This book is a must-read for anyone with a professional involvement in traffic and driving standards, and it’s an excellent primer and talking-point for a debate that is currently emerging in the public consciousness the decline in road culture.