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Canada/China Relations

Canada/China relations
“The Canada-China partnership encompasses trade and economic exchanges, human rights dialogue, defence relations, sustainable development, legal cooperation and cultural and academic exchanges. The importance and complexity of the bilateral relationship has been bolstered by a program of high level visits involving since 1994 all elements
of the Canadian and Chinese leadership.”

China Grants Canada Approved Destination Status

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“The basis for cultural promotion and exchange should be on further enhancing the Bethune spirit.”


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Canadian Medical Staff in Chongquing Plastic Surgery Clinic Humanitarian clinic evokes memories of Norman Bethune
Consul Shawn Steil meets with Canadian doctor and nurse Dr. Jonathan Hooper of Ottawa and nurse Liz Michel of Nepean, Ontario were part of the team of Interplast medical volunteers at a recent clinic in Chongqing which performed free operations for children afflicted by cleft lip. Their mission attracted around 80 poor families with children with cleft lips came to get help. To express their appreciation, kids who received operation voluntarily draw pictures, wrote thank-you-letters, and pasted them on the wall of the hospital's corridor. Canadian Consul Shawn Steil met with the Canadian doctor and nurse, and expressed sincere thanks for their kind work. Canadian Consulate in Chongqing also took advantage of their visit to having newspaper and magazine to interview them. Local media were greatly impressed by their humanitarianism, and published positive articles associating the current mission with Canadian medical legend Norman Bethune. Interplast is an international organization of medical professionals in the plastic surgey field who aim to bring medical services which are often associated with the rich and famous to disadvanted people around the world with real needs for such specialized services.
Excerpted from: Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada.