The Sink

Something is terribly wrong with the mass
of humanity

   Dr. Abedni

We are all tormentors at heart.

The hinder’s in my mind, not on the road.

If you’re not fast enough, your life is at risk.

It is not in human nature to love those who are in one’s way.

Hey, we can fly this low and still seem to soar.

Hurry is the ultimate hubris.

They must have the courage to make a break from the great confraternity of idiots.

The motor car as we have known it is nearing its demise.

The tyranny of the vacuous will come to a speedy end.

Forget driving, they cannot tell good from bad, period.

They think the only reason we drive, you and I, is to annoy them.

They’ve killed humility. People think they’re good no matter how bad they are.

A little harmless fun, that’s all you want, isn’t it? The lax life of the idiot.

We miss our Balder fire and the stranger at the stake.

The cross is not near as bad as folk think. Once the nails are through, the endorphins take over.

Maybe we all kinda hate each other at heart. Maybe that’s what it’s come to. Maybe all this rage is just folks being honest with one another.

They had no idea of what the horn was really for. They thought God Almighty had given it to Moses on the Mount for them to use against us.

Let the venomous flies be swept from highways and byways.

If ever we humans had a sacred mission, it could only be to defy the gods.

We humans will never succeed in resolving our moral dilemmas by reason and force of will. Rather, technology will make it possible for us to absolutely forego the bother of making difficult choices.

If the brain were sufficient to comprehend reality unaided, then we would not have needed science to rescue us from our minds.

You and I will soon be obsolete, just like our ancestors way back when.

Our destiny is to die off and be superseded.

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