Inspired by
the Sink: last days of driving,
Muskoka landscape artist Terry Gill sends the author an accolade, together with a water-colour portrayal of triffids.

Letter from
Terry Gill

Gill Gallery

Terry Gill's Triffids

In August 2002 I purchased and read the Sink by W. Messer. I was so fascinated by the novel I immediately painted my impression of Triffids. I read up to 50 novels a year and would rate this book in my alltime top ten list.
This novel is a wake up call to all of us, not only on our driving habits but our carelessness in the everyday disregard for our planet. The term Triffid will forever be a part of my subconscious and conscious mind and I dare anyone to read this novel and not experience the same result.

This book is current, stimulating, alarming and is truly filled with Canadian content. The setting is Toronto and one of the main characters is from Newfoundland—what could be more Canadian!

This novel would make a fascinating movie. Thank you for this inspirational novel and please keep writing.

Terry Gill
P.S. This book should be compulsory reading for any person applying for a driver's test.




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