Nine Steps to a NewDriver Education

Can Canadians be the best drivers in the world?

Here are some steps that might get us there by 2020:

Prepare the social skills and the mindset
Preparation for driving starts in kindergarten and continues thoughout one’s life. Purpose: to instill necessary social and psychological skills, insights, attitudes and motivations needed for cooperative interaction in the social space of the road.

Make training in defensive driving
and cooperative driving mandatory

Drivers need to defend themselves in the present environment. As driving improves, the emphasis shifts to cooperation rather than defence.

Teach risk perception
The present carnage on our roads is in large measure due to a wide gap between perceived and actual risk.

Create a core of model drivers
Why not public transportation, taxis (what a switch!), and police? Or just anyone who is willing to commit to a standard.

Examine the cultural context of driving and
deal with influences that impact negatively on driving

We need to examine both the driving culture and the wider culture of which it is part. The impact of the ad culture, role model and gender influence, the addiction to speed, the habit of always being in a hurry etc.

Review driver capabilities periodically
Upgrading as needed. Collision accountability. Drivers must answer for their collisions.

Celebrate good drivers
Awards, rewards, recognition for good driving. Good drivers are celebrated. For no collisions. For no violations. Insurance premiums diminish with each collision-free year till premiums fall to zero. And...

Agree on the rules of the game and enforce them
enforcement/encouragement for an initial period. Use of smart technology. Detection of those who flaunt their disregard for the rules of the game must improve drastically.

Create real road tests
Test for the skills needed in today’s driving environment—social skills! And continue to make the driving environment—and drivers—more forgiving.


the declining culture of the roadway
Could traffic technology overcome the new aggressive road culture by 2020?

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