Party Aphorisms
Terry Gill's Art Work
Inspired by THE SINK
Body Snatchers

Triffids are never prepared, always impaired.

Triffid vehicles are time machines with the dial stuck on Mesozoic.

Triffids are always followers, even when they're way out in front.

In the Triffid brain, rudeness runs in gear with the current level of frustration.

Passing is the expression of the Triffid belief in—unhinderability.

In an emergency, Triffids will always react at a speed equal to the square of the velocity of their brain functions.

Triffids can wind their cars up to 100 in five seconds, and simultaneously accelerate their brains in reverse at the same speed.

Triffids believe they are of the elect. That is why they think God Almighty had a hand in it when they collide.

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