Roughing It in the Bush

A Pioneer’s Story of Life in Canada
in the 1830s

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Introduction ix
1 A Visit to Grosse Isle
2 Quebec
3 Our Journey up the Country
4 Tom Wales’s Emigration
5 Our First Settlement and the Borrowing System
6 Old Satan and Tom Wales’s Nose
7 Uncle Joe and His Family
8 John Monaghan
9 Phoebe Harris, and Our Second Moving
10 Brian, the Still-Hunter
11 The Charivari
12 The Village Hotel
13 A Journey to the Woods
14 The Wilderness and Our Indian Friends
15 Burning the Fallow
16 Our Logging Bee
17 A Trip to Stony Lake
18 The “Ould Dhragoon”
19 Disappointed Hopes
20 The Little Stumpy Man
21 The Fire
22 The Outbreak
23 The Whirlwind
24 The Walk to Dummer
25 A Change in Our Prospects
26 Adieu to the Woods
Afterword Canada—A Contrast
Appendix i Lost Children
Appendix ii Letter by Susanna Moodie to her husband, 1839

Appendix iii A Slight Sketch of the Early Life of Mrs. Moodie by Catharine Parr Traill